About Evelina Natural Skincare

Evelina Natural Skincare is committed to supporting and promoting the use of skincare products which work to improve your skin quality and overall health to its optimal levels. The best way that anyone can be kind to their skin is by using products free from impurities and synthetic products.

Skincare isn't just about the health and beauty of your skin, as your body's largest organ, your skin plays a vital roll in your overall health. As much as 60% of whatever is applied to your skin becomes absorbed into your bloodstream, which is then carried throughout your body, therefore whatever you read about on the label of your bottle of moisturiser, serum, or anything else, goes more than skin deep.

Non-organic skincare typically contain any number of toxins such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic fragrances and colorants. These may cause complications ranging from disruption of hormones to the breakdown of cells and overall skin quality.

By changing your products with pure natural ingredients you allow your body the chance to detox from such harmful substances whilst naturally improving your skin health and quality. For example, being free from synthetic chemicals, organic products dramatically reduces your chances of an allergic reaction and are also more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Organic ingredients also maintain a higher level of antioxidents meaning your body benefits from more natural goodness. And these are just skimming the surface of how organic products are better for you and why you should make a change if you haven't already.

Thankfully the organic skincare market is growing as more people choose products that not only enhance their skin but overall overall health. Evelina is proud to be a part of a market that seeks to change the way people treat their skin and their health. Hop on over to the shop and discover a great new product that you can feel good about using in both mind and body.

Evelina  is expanding its range so check back as we add more natural skin and health enhancing products.