Autumn Skincare

With each seasonal transition comes a transition time for our skin too as it tries to cope with the new conditions. Depending on the kind of summer you’ve had the impact of the summer sun on your skin which can cause increased dryness transitions to cope with the cooler temperatures of autumn.

Even with a good sun protection regimen, by the end of the summer your skin may be left dehydrated, add to this the fact that we tend to turn on the heating as the weather gets colder, all of which may contribute to drier and duller looking skin. It’s also worth being aware of possible increases in skin breakouts during the autumn, again all down to the changes in temperature. As the skin continues to secrete oil this can lock in more dead skin cells generated by the cooler air.

The good news is even though the transition from one season to the next can be dramatic, altering your skincare routine needn’t be. A few minor adjustments is all you need to accommodate the new season of the year.


Exfoliation is crucial in helping to remove that increased build up of dead skin cells and enables your skin to soak up moisturisers, serums and retinols. As you exfoliate you not only remove dead skin cells but it also help to regenerate skin cells leading to a fresh complexion from that new healthier skin. We recommend a natural and easy-going but powerful exfoliator for all but the toughest of skin. Try the All Natural Exfoliator, which gently exfoliates without introducing any unwanted chemicals, whilst being ideal for stimulating cell regeneration as well as removing old dead cells.

Apply serum

As the colder weather means dryer skin you will need to find ways of locking in more moisture in during these times. Moisturizers will be your go to for the colder weather to hydrate your skin, but we suggest adding in a serum to your routine, serums work more powerfully than moisturizers by penetrating the skin more deeply.

Look for a serum that includes hyaluronic acid such as Excellence Anti-Ageing Snake Serum, which naturally occurs in the skin and can hold a larger amount of moisture in your skin. We also recommend increasing your vitamin C intake which contains powerful antioxidants and a retinol, we recommend Skin Pharmacy’s Retinol Skin Repair Serum, which is rich in vitamin A to rejuvenate the your skin’s cells.

Increase your moisturizing

Your primary skin care effort during the autumn and colder months will be to increase your moisturiser use. As your skin dries out you will want to lock in more moisture to keep your skin hydrated. We recommend either moisturizing more often or use a thicker cream. The Wild Caviar Facial Moisturizer moisturizes deeply whilst feeding in more nutrients and antioxidants into your skin to keep it fresher and smoother. Combine this with a specialist night-time moisturizer, which is formulated to make the most of the receptivity of your skin to repairs as you sleep, the Collagen Time reversing night moisturiser is ideal for this very job.

Sun protection

Just because it’s the autumn doesn’t mean the sun is no danger to your skin. It can be plenty bright during the autumn even when it’s cloudier outside there is still plenty of the sun’s UV light floods the atmosphere even though the sun may not be bearing down on you.

Apply your sun cream to your face and neck and make sure you get behind those often-forgotten places such as the back of the ears and neck.

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