4 Quick Tips for Healthier Skin

The path to flawless skin is different for everyone, there's no 'one size fits all' approach but generally speaking there are some one size fits all principles that are beneficial for everyone's skin.

There are many methods and paths you can follow, so rather than supply you with a definitive guide that claims to be all you'll ever need, we've put together a few useful tips and principles that we think will inspire, remind or just give you some fresh ideas.

Stay hydrated

If there was only one tip, we could give you, it’s staying hydrated, specifically, drinking lots of H2O. Water is essential for the basic functioning of your organs but it’s also essential for keeping your skin moisturized. In addition to using a topical moisturizer, drinking lots of water will help keep your skin refreshed and a combination of the two works together as a powerful double dose of internal and external moisturizing. We also recommend adding minerals such as ionic mineral drops to your water, these will help you skin absorb those precious H2O atoms into your skin more easily.

Add a retinol

Similar to our tip above, if we could recommend only one type of skincare product it may well just be a retinol. Retinol is vitamin A, which deeply nourishes your skin. It’s a bit like your skin’s favourite food. Retinols have been around a long time but have really taken off more recently as appreciation for their effectiveness has really been seen. Our favourite retinol is Skin Pharmacy’s Retinol Skin Repair Serum. It’s one of the best you’ll find as it incorporates vitamin A to replenish your skincare quality from within with hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate your skin’s outer layers and Avena sativa (Oat) Kernal Extract, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Make the most of the night 

How you treat your skin at night is just as important as how you treat it during the rest of the day for two reasons. Good sleep can often be hard to come by and we understand you can’t always make it happen but as far as possible we recommend getting as much restful sleep as you can. At night whilst as your body is in a resting state your body slows down the functions and processes it uses whilst you’re awake and is more active to restore and repair your body. This is the time when your body more powerfully helps your skin to recover from its daily encounters with the outside world. Look for specially formulated products for working at night. One of our very favourites is the Collagen Time Reversing Night Moisturiser. This moisturizer makes the most of the night when your skin is most receptive to repair. It combines Lupin seed to stimulate the production of high-quality collagen in your skin, Vitamins E and C to protect against free radical damage and improve brightness, respectively and amino acids which reduces water loss and increases suppleness.

Cleanse and cleanse again

Cleansing twice in a row is a great way to more thoroughly clean your skin of bacteria, oil and other bad by-products that you’re skin has had to endure from your day to day. It’s a simple little tip that can make a world of difference. We generally believe less is more but sometimes more is more. So cleanse and cleanse again using a gentle exfoliating cleanser such as the INNOVIS Deep Purifying Cleanser, specially designed to detoxify your skin, removing bacterial and fungal properties whilst soothing and hydrating.

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